sparks ghosts coals – Lake Forest College, IL

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sparks ghosts coals – Lake Forest College, IL


Stefano Cossu / SoFiET

sparks ghosts coals

Pinhole photographs from the Arson series


Durand Art Institute - Lake Forest College

Opening reception Jan. 19th 2012, 7:30pm

Complimentary exhibition catalog available
Refreshments will be served at the reception


January 19th – February 8th, 2012
M-W-F 2-5pm
Weekends 1-5pm


Lake Forest College 
555 North Sheridan Road 
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045



Stefano Cossu seems anachronistic in his embrace of the slowness of pinhole photography, relying on pre-processing – decisions made as far back as the construction of the camera – rather than the skillful post-processing assumed synonymous with the digital photograph. Taped to poles, hidden in bags, or left in the street – his cameras merge with the environment he captures and the environment merges with his cameras, the basic mechanics of photography being the transformation of a material through its exposure to light.

This transformation is at the heart of Cossu’s Arson series. Living and working in Chicago’s West Loop district, Cossu became interested in the Great Chicago Fire – which, with its power to destroy and transform (not just the landscape, but the very foundation of a city and its culture), found an analogy in photography and the process of exposure...

- excerpt from the catalog text by Shannon R. Stratton