Dumping Strategies

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Action, specifically built furniture — Digital photos, 11¾x11¾" — ed. of 5

Promotional action which shows the company profile of Le Industrie Invisibili Self-levelling Systems and the new services produced by it.

The action is performed by a promoter who shows the customers details about the Dumping strategies promoted by LII. The Dumping strategies are developed in four points:

  • How to make a good soup
  • Integral division of the pig
  • How to create a vaccine against guarantees
  • Innovative usage of the bricklayer’s level in a military field.


The action took place in the following occasions:  

2002: Galleria Viafarini, Milano (performer: Sonia Natante)

2004: Cittadella dei Musei, Cagliari (performer: Sonia Natante)

2005: Villanova Monteleone, museo Su Palatu ‘e sas Iscolas (performer: Caterina Ghidini)