Geoethics Library (project)

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Outdoor installation: Concrete, lime, red iron oxide and black paint — Ø 118" x h. 78¾"

The Geoethics Library, which is planned to be built in Sardinia, is the first room constituting the building of the Geoethics Institute Le Industrie Invisibili. It is planned to be built at the borderline between town and country, or between sea and land.

The room, made with plastered brick walls on a concrete basis, has a seven point star shape. It is painted with white lime inside and with red iron oxide paint outside. On the outer wall the following writing is painted in black: "LE INDUSTRIE INVISIBILI / GEOETHICS LIBRARY AND ARCHIVE". On the inner wall, the anagram of the Italian writing is painted: "NEIGHBOURS ARE WE BORN UNDER BABEL’S BEDS USEFUL ROWS OF VINES OXES AND CROWS".

In the middle of the room there is a round seat where two people can sit comfortably. Along the walls, underneath the writings, there is a row of thin loop-holes, which allow who sits inside to alternate the interiors’ and the writing’s view with the surrounding landscape’s view.