La Giustizia Non Dorme (Justice Never Sleeps)

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Installation: 8 pinhole photographs, silver gelatin prints on Bergger warmtone paper — 15x24"

This photo series, like   The Gold is Over , is a movie on still images. It is about a murder case, in which the Italian police chases a murderer following him in the places where he spent the previous night. The chase gets tighter and tighter every morning, until the police surprises the murderer in his sleep and he gets killed while he tries to escape.

The series is meant to be displayed as a big police billboard in which evidences and traces are collected to get to the solution, but this path is broken by the death of the wanted man.

In an opposite way than The Gold is Over, which was shot in the open spaces of Californian desert, these pictures have been shot in closed spaces, in some historical places in Sardinia.