Giacomo il vampiro (Giacomo the vampire)

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pinhole photography performance/ installation - variable dimensions

Silver gelatin prints: 15x18” to 15x42” – 9 pinhole cameras from cardboard boxes: 2x3” to 4x5” – printed text on paper

Giacomo il vampiro tells about a not better identified man called Giacomo, who goes out at night and sucks out the light energy from the lighting of deserted industrial areas in a small town.

This work consists in several rudimental pinhole cameras built from cardboard boxes, which have been taped to poles and fences at sunset, left out all night and taken before dawn; a series of prints of the blurry images that those cameras produced; and a fake book excerpt, which seems to be a scientific report about this character's strange habits.

Giacomo il vampiro (Giacomo the vampire)