Sole Spietato del Campidano (Merciless Campidano Sun)

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Resinotype monotypes on watercolor paper – 4 prints 13"x17¾" + 1 print 9¾"x12½

These prints are obtained putting a photosensitized sheet directly in a pinhole box, which is left out for an entire day (the white arc is the sun passing throughout the day).

the troubled story of T. Piras,
called "Facci Niedda" [
Black Face] because
of her constantly tanned face,
a woman affected by a rare disease.
Her scarce sight
guides her out of home in Summer's sunniest hours,
and the intense light makes her
progressively fall into a catatonic state.
Circumventing her husband's and chidren's surveillance
T. disappears sometimes for the whole day,
and is found lying on the ground
in the most unexpected places –
her head tossed back,
her eyes wide open,
her skin parched by the torrid air.