Fundraising to build a Monument to Adolf Wölfli

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Action, specifically built furniture and accessories — Ilfochrome prints, 11¾x15¾"

This action consists in a fundraising to build a monument dedicated to the schizophrenic painter, writer and composer Adolf Wölfli (*Bowil (Switzerland), 1864 - †Bern, 1930).

The money needed for this monument will be gathered gambling with anybody who wants to participate.  

Le Industrie Invisibili will build the monument with the money they will own (if there is any left) at the end of a series of plays, which are still to be defined. For obvious reasons form, dimensions and material of the monument are still unknown.

Games played since:

2001: Ludwigsburg Castle (Germany), Giants’ Hall
2002: Como, storeroom of former S. Francesco Church
2003: Ferryboat Olbia-Civitavecchia
2005: Villanova Monteleone, museum Su Palatu ’e sas Iscolas
2006: Tirana (Albania), pubs